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Postcode: TN33 0AH

Place of Interest:  Keane held their first ever CD signing in October 2003 at Mrs Yarrington’s Music Emporium in Old Ladies Court, just off Battle High Street.  They were regular visitors to the shop, as remembered by Mick Hoad who ran the business.

“Richard used to come and visit the shop quite a bit letting us know what was going on and about their steady rise.

These pictures were taken in October  2003 around the time that ‘This is the Last Time’ was released on Fierce Panda records. It was their first ever CD signing. As this was a limited number release, somehow we ended up with the final couple of hundred copies of the single and were sending it all around the world. The shop used to get quite a few calls asking for details about the band and once I got interviewed live on the phone by a late night Australian radio station for some inside facts!” Mick Hoad