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Postcode: TN33 0AD

Song: Sovereign Light Café
Lyrics: I’m going back to a time when I owned this town / Down Powdermill Lane & the Battlegrounds

This refers to the site of the world famous Battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066.

In an interview given to 360 Sessions for Channel 4, Richard Hughes, drummer of the band, reminisces about how the band members used to break into the battleground at night.

After William of Normandy became William the Conqueror, having defeated the Saxons led by Harold, famously said to have been struck down by an arrow through his eye, William ordered that Battle Abbey should be built to atone for the blood that had been shed during the battle.

Today the site is owned by English Heritage and the visitor experience of this atmospheric place is second to none. The visitors’ centre tells the well known story of the battle using exciting CGI graphics and footage taken from re-enactment events. Walk the battlefield and wander the ruins of the abbey, where Keane filmed and performed for their 2012 April Channel 4 360 Tours video.

Don’t miss the annual re-enactment which takes place over the two days of the nearest weekend to the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings – October 14th.